Virtual Treatment

Although this is something we have done here and there throughout our time practicing, COVID- 19 created the opportunity for us to move to an almost entirely virtual practice.

What does this mean exactly? Telehealth, telemedicine, or virtual visits are when a therapist or counselor provides psychological advice/support over the internet through video chat, messaging, and phone. This can be great for so many reasons: it can eliminate travel time if you have a busy schedule, you can involve family or friends in sessions, you have trouble finding a provider in your area and can have access to experts, or you are concerned about privacy in an office setting.

One of the best parts of telehealth or virtual therapy is that we can often treat the issues in the setting in which they happen. Basically, you can take us with you and we can work together. This is especially helpful with OCD, phobias, and anxiety disorders.  As long as you have a strong internet connection and a computer or smartphone you’re set! Do keep in mind that privacy is important when we do our sessions. Please reach out and we can discuss any questions you may have.