March 22, 2022 IsThisOCD

YouTube and Other Social Media

Hi! It’s Shannon here! Making a YouTube channel has been a really challenging experience.  Let’s talk a minute about exposure…I have social anxiety and OCD, so putting myself out there  online, public speaking or being around new groups of people is difficult. In the past I might’ve  shied away from a video or any type of recording due to the feelings of fear, shame, and  embarrassment I experience. I’ve been challenging myself with exposures in this area for quite  sometime now and honestly I haven’t noticed a huge change until recently. I think its because  I’ve been able to really engage this fear by making YouTube videos. I’ve posted more  frequently and allow myself to make mistakes and feel whatever shows up with that. I still hate  watching or listening to myself. Every once in a while I’ll feel like that doesn’t sound too bad or  I’ll think I’m getting better at this. Never did I think that as a therapist I’d become a social  media expert or YouTube aficionado. I laugh as I say this because neither is true, but I’m  learning and becoming less self-conscious. Check out these YouTube videos on the channel at  The Anxiety & OCD Treatment of Central Pennsylvania and our podcast Finding the Thing on  Spotify.